Stephanie Heller

Stéphanie, Bootstrap Europe's co-founder and managing partner draws from her experience having founded, built and sat on the board of several successful companies.

Fatou Diagne

Fatou is the co-founder and managing partner for Bootstrap Europe, actively sourcing and evaluating growth companies eligible for debt financing.

Humphrey Nokes

Humphrey capitalises on his experience as a founder at growth debt pioneer ETV Capital, where he invested €300M in 200+ transactions across Europe.

Eliott Saba

Eliott joined the investment team from SVB where he underwrote more than £160M in growth loans and backed 20+ successful companies inc Azimo, Lyst, Worldremit and Market Finance.

Kristine Erwin

Kristine joined from Norgine Ventures, a healthcare venture debt fund, where she led several deals across digital health, specialty pharma, diagnostics and medtech. Prior to this, she worked in Lazard's Healthcare M&A team in New York and in the investment team at Royalty Pharma. Kristine holds a BSc Hons in Cell Biology from the University of St. Andrews.

Denise Trumpfheller

Denise oversees all aspects of Bootstrap's financial operations. Denise provides the connection and information flow between the various stakeholders which make Bootstrap's activities thrive.

Benjamin Faulkner

Benjamin joined Bootstrap from EY's European PE advisory team. He works across the entire deal life cycle, primarily with the existing venture lending portfolio. This includes post-investment engagement with Founders and Management teams.

Robert Uren

Robert joined Bootstrap to bolster the finance and operations function. Robert is a chartered accountant (ICAEW), having trained in KPMG’s Asset Management Audit team. Robert also holds an LLB from the University of Newcastle, and a MA in Global Political Economy from the University of London.

Victoria Gray

Victoria brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to Bootstrap, having spent four years working in one of the most innovative Clean-Tech Start-Ups. Prior to this, Victoria spent a decade working in asset management at Capital International and Goldman Sachs. Victoria utilises her unique skill set to support Bootstrap’s operations.

Bindi Karia

Bindi is incredibly passionate about all things related to startups in Europe and connecting the dots between Investors, Founders, Corporates and Government. As a result, she has worked in and around technology startups for most of her career.

Sinikka Démaré

Sinikka brings her wealth of experience in risk management, asset allocation, private assets and impact investing. Sinikka served as a Venture Partner at Nextech Invest Ltd, and is a board member, advisor and an investor for biotech and tech businesses and asset managers.

Didier Cowling

Didier Cowling joined Bootstrap Europe as Scientific Advisor in 2021.  As a serial entrepreneur and board member with over 30 years of broad experience in the field, Didier brings to Bootstrap his deep knowledge of the medtech industry and hands-on start-up experience.

Matthias Ummenhofer

Under Matthias’s leadership from 2001-2014, the European Investment Fund’s tech investment business grew to over €4.7bn committed in, or alongside more than 260 funds, Business Angels, and Family Offices who invested in 3,800 technology companies.

Odile Rundquist

Odile Rundquist joined Bootstrap as a scientific advisor in 2021. Her valuable experience includes scientific advice to a family office, a Board seat on a Biotech company, a dozen years as a healthcare analyst in Finance and a period in academia.