Eliott Saba


Eliott joined the investment team of Bootstrap in 2020 from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a leading US venture lender, where he underwrote more than £170M in venture loans and through sophisticated debt instruments financed 20+ successful companies including Azimo, Lyst, Worldremit and Market Finance.

Eliott’s dedication to supporting scale-ups started in Uganda where he completely revamped the financial operations of a medical procurement distribution company.

Eliott’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to grow during his time as Vice President at SVB where he was one of the UK’s longest standing members of the Venture Debt team. Eliott also co-established the first European fintech-focused team at SVB where he won ‘EMEA deal of the year’, acted as a judge on several fintech-focused competitions and grew his clientele three-fold during his time at the innovative bank. Throughout his investment track record, he maintained the highest standards of debt underwriting, cash-flow analysis, collateral assessment for growth debt investments as well as the close monitoring discipline required.

Eliott’s experience living in seven countries has shaped his personnel ethos – to immerse himself into every project and give it his all. Through this experience he is able to empathise with Bootstrap Europe’s portfolio of founders and guide them to further financial success. Eliott graduated with a Master’s Degree from London School of Economics and with a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Paris School of Business where he was a Class Valedictorian.