Stephanie Heller

Stephanie has never been afraid to stand at the edge. She strives to help innovators realise their vision. She has been doing so in all the companies she set up. She is now reviving one of the most sophisticated financing tools for entrepreneurs.

Humphrey Nokes

Humphrey is a pioneer of the venture debt in Europe and was among the first to bring this clever financing tool onto the continent. Always an entrepreneur, he has been involved in a number of successful tech startup exits and continually pursues exciting innovations.

Fatou Diagne

On top of her involvement in deal sourcing for family offices, Fatou has flown all over Africa with the UN to create sophisticated weather insurance models against natural disasters. Now she started Bootstrap to help European startups out of financing drought.

Alexandre Bartolini

Alexandre is curious and passionate about innovation and has spent all his career working in channelling more money to disruptive businesses. His street smarts only rivals his modelling wiz skills, which he contributes to helping build tech winners.