Tech Funding News: tech lending is reshaping the European tech ecosystem

The current shift in the tech lending landscape is impacting the industry as we know it, today — and for the better.

Covered in the piece, Bootstrap’s Stephanie Heller talks on some of the trends that are prominent within the venture debt community; mitigating dilution with growth debt, the impact of rising interest rates, plus, SVB’s implosion and the ensuing domino effect it had on the wider industry.

Stephanie comments: “One of the most notable shifts in recent times is the decline in venture capital valuations. After reaching an inflated peak, valuations have begun to normalise. This adjustment has made growth debt an attractive option for tech startups looking to mitigate dilution. As a result, there is a growing demand for this asset class, which offers a strategic approach to financing and equity management”.

To read Bootstrap Europe’s full thoughts on the current environment and how this is influencing venture debt, the full article is available over at Tech Funding News .

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