SuperReturn’s 5-Minute Interview with Bootstrap Europe

Bootstrap founders and Managing Partners, Stephanie Heller (Galantine) and Fatou Diagne thoroughly enjoyed conversing with Dr Dorothy Kelso on Bootstrap’s investment strategy, the market drivers for growth debt and track record to-date.

A few highlights:

  • On sourcing deals in growth debt: “We have co-invested with the majority of top-tier VCs in Europe, we’re known for our technical strength structuring more complex deals than vanilla lenders”.
  • On ESG and how that fits at Bootstrap: “It’s integral to what we do”.
  • On the German ecosystem: “Germany is a hotbed for sustainability-focused growth tech businesses. We hope that our strategic investments in the region have the potential to stimulate growth, support startups and fuel innovation”.
  • Lastly, on the SVB transaction and what secured the deal: “Diversity is our strength — from age to origins, languages, cultures, professional backgrounds, genders, religions. It was the key to winning the SVB deal”.

You can read the full piece here.

To find out more about Bootstrap Europe, you can contact us via our website or follow our LinkedIn page.

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