Sifted: It’s the perfect time to take venture debt — but not all lenders want to be lending 

Venture debt is in its renaissance era. It was great to see Bootstrap Europe featured prominently in Zosia Wanat’s piece on venture debt, and why it’s the perfect time to take it on.


(1) Venture debt is available to founders who are keeping a close eye on their runway and working in a proactive manner instead of reactive – our industry is promoting this type of work ethic, and it matters. By backing sustainable growth versus the hyper-aggressive growth attitude pre-2020, venture debt attracts much more recession-proof business models by prioritising longevity. This in turn helps economies and the today’s struggling workforce.

(2) SVB threw venture debt into the spotlight. It also showcased how many people within the startup/scaleup ecosystem were reliant on the firm for its financial success. For a brief moment, it was a household topic – it became a mainstream name – those who were unaware finally heard the words ‘venture debt’. However, the work is not over yet. Now, we have the opportunity to do more to teach the industry on this type of financing and why it is critical. It’s the resurgence that the VD world needed.

You can read the full piece over at Sifted.

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