Nothing Ventured Podcast featuring Bootstrap Europe

Nothing Ventured’s Aarish Shah met Bootstrap’s Fatou Diagne and Stephanie Heller where they discussed everything from their first ever job experiences (which include working at McDonald’s and tutoring math), to what the opportunity looks like today for venture debt and, how the innovative funding is filling market gaps, how liquid biopsy is using AI and how RNA developments is driving real-time problem solving.

In the snippet below, you can watch Fatou explain her thoughts on the criteria for taking on venture debt, an important element for founders to understand when looking at alternative ways of funding.

“we don’t have forumales as to who can take on the debt”

To hear the full discussion, you can listen to the entirety of the podcast here. You can also find the podcast over at Spotify and Apple Music.

To find out more about Bootstrap Europe, you can contact us via our website or follow our LinkedIn page.

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