Case Study: M2i Life Sciences

Today, people want to know what is in their food and the methods used to grow plants, vegetables and fruit. Farmers and those in the agriculture industry know that to cater to the needs of a more health-conscious society, they need to change their methods of pesticide control and use efficient solutions to get rid of insects ruining whole crops.

Established in 2012, M2i Life Sciences recognised this demand early on.

Deputy CEO, co-founder of M2i Life Sciences, Bruno Geny said of M2i’s partnership with Bootstrap Europe: “Not much is known about Bootstrap Europe due to their discreet way of working. However, since working with them, I can say that they know what they are doing and are clear about who they are from the start. The Bootstrap Europe team is excellent. They are very good people. I appreciate Humphrey (co-founder) enormously, and Fatou (co-founder) is a fantastic salesperson. They are extremely knowledgeable in the finance and venture debt industry”.

M2i Life Sciences is now a world-class player within the biocontrol market, providing growers an integrated pest management solution that harnesses natural pheromones produced by biomimicry to catch or repel pests in fields, greenhouses, forests or gardens. Their solution is capable of replacing traditional pesticides.

Their expertise in chemical complex synthesis and formulation drew attraction from all around the world. M2i’s expansion into 63 countries meant that the team had to find the funds to support this increasing global demand, spurring M2i’s decision to speed up the process of closing their £60 million fundraising round in early 2019.

Through a recommendation, the M2i Life Sciences team spoke to Bootstrap Europe to help to get the funds before finalising the complete round alongside other investors quickly and quietly.

Bruno Geny said: “We didn’t see many venture debt solutions like Bootstrap Europe who were short-term, secure and high yield. Most importantly, they were responsive, reactive and hungry to support life-changing businesses working on social good. We are hoping to gradually replace the chemicals used in farms to get rid of pests as it affects water, creates pollution and harms farmers, customers, soils and bees. The biological solutions provided by M2i are not only green and practical, but cost-efficient and have a high level of efficiency. This is why the work we are doing is of utmost importance for the good of the world, and in turn, why the fundraising exercise we undertook was so important to help us speed up development.”

Since completing the fundraising round, M2i Life Sciences have been going from strength to strength. The innovative business has seen significant growth having doubled in size this year, and aiming to double again in the next twelve months.

Bruno Geny said: “The Bootstrap team is speaking the same language as we are — it was easy to find solutions. They all do their job properly and that’s important in this industry. We are of the mindset that we should only be working with the right people to help us succeed with our ambitious goals, and Bootstrap Europe fits our criteria.”

To find out more about M2i Life Sciences, you can visit their website here.

Bootstrap Europe supports thriving industries across the globe, from green energy and genetic testing to SaaS, fintech and smarter city solutions; the team’s collective experience has ensured that the fund includes some of Europe’s fastest, socially-focused scale-up businesses.

To find out more about how Bootstrap Europe helps scale-up businesses, you can visit our website here.

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